BIG Kudos to BSDC from Gale Credit Union

Randy McElwee, President of Gale Credit Union, shares his story about Bradford-Scott's service as they deal with a tough situation. Read Randy’s full story below.

So, it happens with these dang computers…malfunctions, etc. and that is part of life – no worries on our end.  However, one of the greatest attributes to your organization is your staff!  I have been in this industry for close to 25 years with Fiserv, and two other no longer existing CORE providers and only 3 years with BSDC.  There is a difference, my oh my, there is a difference in service levels and your very own Amy Strack exhibits all the great service any business would want.

It was 9:09 PM June 30 when I placed a call about AME which was followed by a return call from Amy who was already on the issue (I am sure with many other awesome staff).  Her voice and reassurance allowed me to sleep while she and others continued on the issues.  It is now 4:04 AM my time and I answered the phone call from Amy with an update.  Even though she did not have good news to share, her positive attitude and great desire for service was shining in her tone of voice and what she told me – even after being up all night.  After arriving to work around 7:45 AM my time, Amy calls again with an update and her amazing fun loving, positive attitude, and great desire to get the issue resolved – even though she did not have the best news again and has not slept.

To us, staff like Amy make an organization.  She could have easily been cranky, could have blamed others, or even avoided the calls – but NO, not Amy.  Amy sets the example of the level of service I expect from my staff…that is what makes the difference in a business…Amy, along with many others at BSDC, make the difference!

Like she has at home, climbing to 7200 ft in the mountains to live, she has climbed to the top of customer service for BSDC!

PS. I am sure there are plenty of other awesome staff like Adam, the Hardware folks, and others who were up late or all night for us too.  Kudos to the whole team, and THANK YOU.

Randy McElwee, President of Gale Credit Union

Bradford-Scott Staff Blows Off Steam

Typically the Bradford-Scott staff gets together after-hours for its annual summer outing. Since the world is far from “typical” these days, the team came up with Plan B. Instead of a Friday night at the local winery enjoying live music, food, and camaraderie the BSDC staff blew off some steam with a corn hole tournament, food truck lunch, and prize drawings.


The corn hole tournament winners were Tania and Kevin Lowder.  Runners-Up were Scott Carey and Dustin Schaphorst

Proud of the Dedication the BSDC Team Members Put Forth

Bradford-Scott Data Corporation takes pride in furnishing its employees with an environment in which they may flourish personally and professionally.  We are very proud of the hard work and dedication that our team members put forth.  BSDC is pleased to share some recent staff changes. 

Tania                  Alex                   Matt R.                Frank                 Judy                   Scott                   Matt E.

Tania Lowder has worn many hats throughout her career at BSDC and in June she was promoted to Programming Manager.  

Alex Dove has been with the BSDC Software Support team for the past 2 ½ years.  In July, Alex earned a spot on BSDC’s Quality team. 

With less than a year of service, Matt Ruiz was promoted from Hardware Support – Tier 1 to Hardware Support Tier 2 in March. 

Frank Bolivar has been diligently working to increase his hardware skills set.  Frank was promoted from Hardware Support – Tier 1 to Hardware Project Engineer in July. 

Judy Fleming has been both a Sharetec user through her work at a credit union as well as BSDC’s in-house trainer.  Judy transitioned to BSDC’s Software Support team in August and continues to share her knowledge and expertise with our clients. 

In June, Bradford-Scott welcomed two new employees, Scott Carey and Matt Ebbesen, to our Hardware Support team. Scott and Matt have jumped right in and are already handling client calls. Most recently, our Software Support team has added two new additions as well. Jacob Sperry and Chris Grennes are currently in training and are looking forward to serving you soon!