Bradford Scott


Vitera Intergy EHR is designed to help rheumatology professionals conduct detailed office visits and manage treatments efficiently, while helping to maximize coding. The system’s pre-built templates allow you to quickly capture and store detailed patient data through point-and-click options, while allowing for quick customization on the fly at the practice level.
With Vitera Intergy EMR, rheumatology practices can:

  • Match your practice workflow, with one-click navigation to rheumatology-specific HPIs, procedures, previous labs, orders, and consults, histories for medical, family, and diagnoses, ROS, and more 
  • Rheumatology HPI templates for fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis  and more 
  • Quickly review lab and diagnostic studies, and view trends over time
  • Use Flow Sheet for tracking treatment and test results against medications over time
  • Easily add, change and renew medications with electronic prescription writing
  • Move quickly between patients, accessing multiple open charts at once
  • Use health reminders and alerts for preventive treatments
  • E&M Coding calculation with appropriate diagnosis codes for accurate reimbursement
  • Generate Documents, such as consult letters or letters for referring physicians, that summarize data collected during the rheumatology visit 

Document quickly and easily in Intergy with rheumatology-specific, customizable templates. (Click for larger screen shot)