Bradford Scott


With the high volume of patients you see in your orthopedic practice, you need an electronic health records system (EHR) that can keep pace. Vitera Intergy EHR provides instant access to images, and the ability to quickly document key physical exam findings, range of motion measurements, and pain scale values. If you have diagnostic equipment, the system can also integrate PACS/DiCom using Intergy PACS image management into the electronic patient record. Intergy PACS is licensed separately.

Intergy EHR Orthopedics (PDF)

With Vitera Intergy EHR, orthopedics practices can:

  • Move quickly between patients, accessing multiple open charts at once
  • Streamline documentation by using encounter note templates, customized for each major joint, the spine, and physical therapy evaluations
  • Record measurements for range of motion and capture values for pain scales
  • Document tests performed and include physicians' assessments of results
  • Improve inter-office communication, particularly for offices with diagnostic capabilities such as X-ray, MRI and CT
  • Use health reminders and alerts for preventive treatments
  • Easily add, change or renew medications and use medication "favorites" by diagnosis