Bradford Scott


Vitera Intergy EHR offers oncologists a thorough set of templates specifically designed to automate an oncology office visit and manage chemotherapy treatments. Our workflow will guide you through each step of care, from documenting histories to chemotherapy treatment.

With Vitera Intergy EHR, oncology practices can:

  • Use comprehensive oncology-specific content in order to quickly document a detailed visit, including medications, allergies, histories, chemotherapy, plan and more
  • Use chemotherapy treatment templates to order, manage, and track chemotherapy
  • Monitor toxicity to document the patient’s reaction to treatments
  • Generate documents such as consult letters, office visit summary, or nurse notes, with the ability to send to selected physicians electronically
  • Calculate E&M Codes recommended code based on level of service provided throughout the encounter
  • Interface with labs and hospitals 

Document quickly and easily in Intergy with oncology-specific, customizable templates. (Click for larger screen shot)