Bradford Scott


When spending as much time taking a comprehensive patient history as you do in your nephrology practice, your electronic health records system (EHR) has to be able to capture the detailed information you collect. Vitera Intergy EHR lets you create detailed Encounter Notes for each patient, and easily access data from previous records to track changes in chronic conditions.

With Vitera Intergy EHR, nephrology practices can:

  • Use customizable flowsheets that automatically calculate GFR from patient and lab data
  • Create detailed electronic templates to more easily document lengthy patient examinations and histories
  • Generate documentation for chart notes using detailed templates for common conditions
  • Access laboratory data and medication records easily through customizable flowsheets
  • Automatically calculate and track GFR from serum creatinine measurements
  • Easily produce cross-patient population reports for improved outcomes analysis
  • Integrate information captured via paper forms and dictation into the electronic patient record
  • Move quickly between patients, accessing multiple open charts at once
  • Easily add, change or renew medications and use medication "favorites" by diagnosis
  • Use health reminders and alerts for preventive treatments

Document quickly and easily in Intergy with nephrology-specific, customizable templates. (Click for larger screen shot)