Bradford Scott

ENT / Otolaryngology

ENT / Otolaryngology clinics across the country are using Vitera Intergy to help improve their practices in many ways. From enhanced documentation and patient care to increased revenue, Vitera Intergy can take your ENT / Otolaryngology practice to the next level.

With Vitera Intergy EHR, ENT / otolaryngology practices can:

  • Use customizable ENT/Otolaryngology-specific documentation templates
  • Capture clinical images directly into a patient’s electronic chart
  • Order labs and receive results electronically
  • Generate letters to referring doctors directly from the encounter note
  • Document multiple problems for a single visit
  • Move quickly between patients, accessing multiple open charts at once

ENT Otolaryngology
Document quickly and easily in Intergy with otolaryngology-specific, customizable templates. (Click for larger screen shot)