Bradford Scott


For busy Endocrinologists, the Vitera Intergy EHR Provider Desktop offers an at-a-glance view of the daily patient schedule, progress notes to review, hospital rounds and tasks needing completion such as phone messages, prescription refill requests and lab results along with workflow management tools to help get these things done more efficiently.

With Vitera Intergy EHR, endocrinology practices can:

  • See progress of diabetic patients trended over time as compared to medications in an easy-to-use flow sheet form
  • Document multiple problems for a single visit
  • Access detailed information on all medications prescribed for a patient
  • Easily add, change or renew medications and use medication "favorites" by diagnosis
  • Quickly review lab test data
  • Move quickly between patients, accessing multiple open charts at once
  • Use health reminders and alerts for preventive treatments
  • Streamline documentation by using encounter note templates for common visit scenarios

See progress of diabetic patients trended over time with extensive flowsheet tracking. (Click for larger screen shot)